How To Fix The Problem Of Connecting Roku To The Home Network Or The Internet?

Connecting the Roku device to the home network or the internet is an important thing to do and if you are getting the issue, just check out the troubleshooting steps.

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As the growth of competition and trend, the quality of providing the content and streaming has been the top factors to engage the users with any product or service. And for providing these two major factors, Roku has got its lineup of smart TV series, which is up to 4k Ultra HD and also the series of Roku channel store, which holds up the classic collection of channels under the different sections of the channel store. All you are required to do is just log in to your Roku account and access your favorite bunch of channels.

For getting the best streaming experience, it’s necessary to have a stable connection to the home network or the internet. In the case, if you are getting problems with your home network or internet connection, then check out the possible reasons for the issues below –

At the time of setting up the device, you should ensure that the Roku device is linked with the same network with which your computer has been linked. So, just head to choose your warless network name and then enter the right password. After doing this, your Roku device will get a link to your router or home access point. And then, the router provides access to the internet via a broadband service rendered by your ISP (phone or Cable Company).

Note : The Roku streaming devices which have got an Ethernet port, you can easily select alternatively any device to link to the router by using a wired network cable or Ethernet.

If you still aren’t able to link your device to the home router or get the access to the internet through the router, you will not be able to setup the device. Still, if your device is being set up, you will not be able to access the channels due to the interruption of the channels. That is why we are here with the possible reasons that you may face at the time of facing the linking problem.

  • You will witness a screen at the time of setting a connection to the wireless network.
  • You can also get a screen where your Roku device is trying out to make a connection after entering the name and password of the wireless network.
  • The next screen would appear if you are heading to stream any channel, but facing the Internet or network problem.
  • Or you can also get a screen at the time of network connection or internet is lost during the playback of any video.

Steps To Troubleshoot The Problem –

  1.  Entering the correct wireless network name and password – The first thing to make sure is that the correct password and username is entered to link your Roku device. In the case, if you forget the username and password, you can head to the customer service for getting the details.
  2. Checking out the status of the router – With the use of the mobile device or computer, head on to link roku helpyour home network and then try out to access a public website. If you can connect to the internet from another device, then there is no problem with your router. And if you’re not able to link to the internet, just head to restart the router before heading to contact the ISP (internet service provider).
  3. Checking out and bettering the signal strength of wireless signal – If the password is right and all the other devices are easily accessing the router, but the Roku device is getting the issue to link to the wireless network, then the most common issue could be the signal strength of the wireless signal. To get the strong signal, just head to put the Roku device close to the wireless signal.
  4. Restarting the Roku devices and the router – The last step you can try out to fix the linking issue is to restart the Roku device and your router. After restarting, there are chances that the problem gets resolved with your device. Still, if nothing seems alright, just head to the www Roku Com Support and get the expert guidance and solutions.