RCA’s Roku TVs Got Released In The Lineup Of Smart TVs

After releasing the affordable 4K HDR TV with TCL, the streaming company has now struck the smart TVs market with its newly released RCA’s Roku TVs.

All Roku TV holders, how are you doing with your smart TV? Besides making a good mark in the category of all the streaming devices, the company has continued made excellent efforts to render the best streaming quality to all its worldwide users with the exclusive lineup of smart TVs.

After releasing the lineup of TCL’s Roku smart TVs, the company has again struck the affordable smart TVs list with its latest RCA’s Roku smart TVs. According to the name, every TVs run on the Roku OS, which is one of the most robust streaming systems. The classic Roku’s interface comes along with the support for the virtually streaming app, plus the excellent cross-platform search available, which plays a key role in combining a setup of the streaming box directly into the TV.

From a long time, there was no update from the RCA Company. But, after releasing the affordable Roku’s lineup of smart TVs, the company has marked its comeback in the market. The classic bunch of three sets renders support for the 4K content. The 50-inch television ($500) only provides the outputs in 1080p, as the 43-inch model runs with an exceptional price of $379.99. Now, getting down to the last one is a 32-inch panel, which renders the output in 1366*768 resolution.

Well, in all the three sets, the 32-inch TV might be a difficult task to get the little selling numbers based on the sub-1080p resolution. While the other two sets could perform better in the market according to your choice and demand. The TV sets running on the Roku OS is one of the little highlights which can turn out these televisions aiming at the cord cutters. The RCA Company has promised to render more than 300 channels via the Roku Search.

Undoubtedly, all those users who haven’t cut the cord will have to head to the Roku TV to quickly switch between the streaming channels, antennas, cable boxes, and game consoles. So, if you are looking for an affordable choice of TV without any 4K expectation, then one of these sets could be the best option for your streaming. Apart from the high-intensity pressure from the TV manufacturers to have a TV that renders supports to 4K is not a prime necessity, though if the trend of 4K content gets produced more, then this scenario could be changed in the future.

Being enabled with the Roku also frees up the HDMI ports for all the other devices like Blu-ray players and gaming consoles. But, the lack of the 4K Ultra HD could be the disappointing factor for many users out there, who wish to have the 4K entertainment. This could also result in the shifting of the users to other 4K enabled choices, as the company has partnered with the budget brands like Hisense and TCL for a lineup of the Ultra HD TVs which are not costlier above the latest RCA models.

Check out the price details below –

  • 43-inch HD (1080p) for $380
  • 32-inch (1366*768) for $250
  • 50-inch HD (1080p) for $500

All the mentioned above sets are easily available via a diverse range of different retailers. In the online medium, you can easily pick up from Amazon or starting today. While on the offline basis, it could be difficult to get the sets. Still, you can get them from the in-store at the regional retailers like Bi Mart, ABC Appliances, and Cowboy Maloney.

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