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All The Anime Buffs Can’t Miss Out These Roku Channels

If you are an anime lover and have been a great fan of Japanese stuff, then check out the bunch of best anime channels on Roku channel store.

Roku ComRoku is one of the known names in the lineup streaming players and smart TVs in the competitive market. And with the Roku channel store, it always gets easy to pick your favorites to watch on the big screen. So, are you looking for some Japanese stuff on your big screen? If you are, then you can’t miss these best anime channels on the big screen which we have shortlisted from the channel store –

  1. Anime Network (Week trial – 2 weeks, $6.95/month) – Catch the thousands of episodes available in English subtitled and dubbed formats. Get the list of popular shows including ‘No Game No Life,’ ‘Log Horizon,’ ‘Appleseed,’ Gatchaman, and Ninja Scroll. It is free for all the non-subscribers to explore and watch the first subtitled episode of any clips, series, and trailers.
  2. Hulu (Free trial – 30 day, begin at $7.99/month) – Hulu is one of the top streaming services in the market right now, which has got the series of hit anime shows. Check out the fan favorites like Bleach and Dearth notes or rewatch classics such as Fruit Basket and Inu Yasha.
  3. roku supportCrunchyroll – (Free trial- 14 days, at $6.95/month) – Crunchyroll is one of the perfect places to grab the bunch of classic and current anime. Just watch out all the top shows like Sailor Moon and Naruto Shippuden on all the available Roku devices. Just watch the channel for free or become a prime member to watch your favorites without any ad. All the shows instantly become available on the channel, once it gets released in Japan.
  4. FunimationNow – (Free Trial – 14 days at $5.99/month) – Get the heavy bunch of over 60000 anime videos featuring the amazing latest shows of the season in English. Check out Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, and One Piece and much more in the list.
  5. Netflix- (Free Trial – 30 days at $7.9/month) – On the market’s finest streaming service, catch both movies and anime, including the Netflix original series available in both Japanese and English. Check out the exclusives like Castlevania and Knights of Sidonia, and Little Witch Academica: The Enchanted Parade.
  6.  Crackle – The classic channel features the bunch of great anime entertainment. Currently, the channel is streaming best hitters such as Rurouni Kenshin, Fate/Zero, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Sword Art online is free to watch.
  7. Pluto TV (free) – Anime, All Day channel of Pluto, has got an electric mix of some of the favorite reruns and fully latest series. The rotating lineup of the channel just makes it a better option for all those who like surfing.
  8. www roku com supportPokemon TV (free) – All the crazy Pokemon fans, this is especially for all of you! Catch all the animated adventures starring Pikachu, Ash, and all the friends (old and new).
  9. Viewster (free) – The channel has got a nice mix of both latest and old anime series to find out without investing any bucks. Some of the major highlights include Fushigi Yuugi, Kill La Kill, and Gunslinger Girl.
  10. Tubi TV (free) – The amazing channel has got a huge collection of the anime classics like Hunter x Hunter, Ouran High Scholl Host Club, Revolutionary Girl, and many more.

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