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Features That Are Heading With Roku OS 7.5

In the urge to make the Roku devices better, the company is coming up with the latest Roku OS 7.5, which will provide the latest fixes and latest features.

Roku Com LinkAll Roku users, which is the next program in your streaming list? Roku has proven its dominance in the field of streaming devices and smart TVs in the market. Having Roku as your streaming partner is the best way to watch all your favorite content on the big screen. This is the reason Roku has also become the most preferred choice for all the global users.

Being in the list of proud owners of the Roku devices, you always get the best experience with the new and automatic software updates rendering the bunch of latest features and Roku Supportfixes. In this blog, we are heading to talk about the latest release of the Roku OS 7.5, which is the new version of the operating systems to all the Roku TVs and Roku streaming players. It provides the latest features, and we are pretty aware that all the Roku Tv users will adore including the mobile private listening and Live TV Pause. It doesn’t matter whether you have just bought the Roku TV today or purchased the first Roku TVs in 2014, you will get the latest features. Soon, Roku OS 7.5 will officially get a roll out to all the Roku TV models; eventually bringing the ultimate level of enjoyment to the streaming experience.

  • Live TV Pause for all the Roku TV models – Now, you will never miss any live action on your Roku TV. With a linked antenna to the Roku TV, you can easily get enable to pause and playback the Live TV to ensure that you had not missed a minute of the action when you got busy in your work. With the use of this latest feature, the over-the-air services can be easily paused for around 90 minutes. For Live TV, there is the requirement of a USB storage device with the 16GB or more storage capacity to get linked to the Roku TV.
  • Mobile private listening for the Roku TV models – The latest Roku OS 7.5 brings a Roku Compopular feature which is currently available on the selected Roku streaming players (4640X, 3710X, 4620X, 3700X, 4630X, 3600X) and all the Roku TV models. With the new version of the Roku mobile app (v3.6.0), all the Roku TV owners can enjoy the private listening through the mobile device at the time of streaming. By using the latest feature, you can easily listen as much as loud as you can on the Roku TV. Just head to start the Roku mobile app for Android or iOS while linking to same to the wireless network as the Roku TV. After that link a pair of headphones to the mobile device and enjoy binge watching.​

Note : The latest OS 7.5 is expected to get finished after the New Year.

 Roku LinkWith the latest OS, all the Roku TV owners and Roku streaming device holders will get the enhanced way to stream their favorite content and get the best entertainment on their compatible device.

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