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Here Is The Guide To Fix The Roku Device Update Issue

If you are facing updates problem with your Roku device, then check out the steps to fix the update bug and render the best streaming experience.

All the Roku designs are perfectly designed to run the new software version. But, there are some of the unwanted instances when you have to face the problem with the update of your Roku device.

When You Get An Error During A Software Update –

Roku HelpFirstly, you need to ensure that you have got a stable and reliable internet connection to update the Roku device. If the connection is unstable or unreliable, then you will be unable to update the new software.

At the time of getting the error on the screen, you will get to view one of the following error codes: 001, 002, 003, 005.

To Fix The Bug And Successfully Update The Device –

There is the possibility that the Roku service may get temporarily unresponsive. At the time of an attempt to update the software, you need to wait for few minutes and then try again. In the case, if the Roku is aware of the extended outage, an alert will get showed up near the top side of the Roku Support site. If you get an alert here, then head to try again when the outage is over.

And if you don’t get any alert, then just continue to check the error message after heading for many attempts, the update failure could be due to the result of a poor connectivity problem. Check out the steps below to fix the issue –

  • Are you aware that your Roku device is on the right network? By heading to the wrong wireless network, the name can also cause the wireless network connection fails.
  • Now, check out that the router is working in a proper condition. Head on to use your mobile device or computer to link to the router and then access the internet. In the case, if you can link the internet to the other devices, head on to the next step.
  • Roku HelpEnsure that the password is correct and the other devices can easily access the router, but the updating of the software continues to fail, then the most common issue is the strength of the wireless signal. When the distance between the wireless signal and router gets weaker and more issues between the router and Roku device.
  • Just try out to restart the device and the router.
  1. For restarting the Roku player, then head to the Settings- System- System restart. For restarting the Roku TV, just head to the Settings- System- Power- System Restart. You can also head on to unplug the Roku device from the power source and then plug back it in.
  2. For restarting the router, check out the instructions from Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the router vendor.  You can also head on to unplug and then plug back in and in some of the other cases, it may also need to press a reset button on the device.

   Note : The restarting of both the devices would take few minutes.

  • In the case, if you have previously linked to the router, then the Roku device automatically get the link. If it is not relinking, or if you are heading to set up the device for the first time, then head to finish the network setup process.

Ethernet Vs. Wireless

roku linkThe list of all the Roku devices can link to the router through wireless easily. The list follows up some of the Roku streaming devices also have got an Ethernet connection, which can be easy to the network.

  • Ethernet can be the better choice if it is convenient to link the cable from the router to the Roku device. Just head on to link a standard Ethernet cable from an available port on the router to the port on the rear of Roku device.
  • The Wireless option can also provide the better results on the basis of the distance between the router and your Roku device to receive a clear signal.

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