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Stream Better With The Updated Roku Mobile App For iOS And Android

If you are Roku binge watcher, then you should check out the updated version of the Roku mobile app for Android and iOS for the classic streaming experience.

Roku HelpThe dynamic Roku streaming device is one of the finest company to stream your favorites on the big screen. And to make it much better, the company has revealed the new version (v4.0) of the Roku mobile app for Android and iOS devices that render a fine latest look and a classic latest feature. The updated Roku mobile app has been designed to make the mobile device an ultimate streaming partner by giving one-tap access to all the features that make the streaming much better and fast. Heading to the fascinating mobile features, including the search and remote control becomes a lot simpler than ever. And decide to start today, you will be able to browse a selection of the best movies and TV shows that are available to stream by simply clicking the new “What’s On” tab.

The updated and free Roku mobile app comes packed with the best yet useful features that ensure to make the phone a great controller and perfect navigator to the streaming box. You can easily use the phone as the remote control, plug in the headphones for the private listening, searching for shows, and sharing own videos, photos, and music to the TV. Check out the below points to know what is the new rolled out update-

Simple New Look And Simple Navigation

Roku Com LinkWith the update, the latest navigation bar of the Roku mobile app makes it easy to access the most popular features. With a single click, you can see and launch the installed streaming channels, use the remote or share the videos and photos to the TV, and browse What’s On tab. Additionally, a quick click on the Roku Search icon located at the top of the “What’s On” and “Channels” tabs also makes it simple to search out the entertainment that you are willing to watch.

At the time of starting the Roku mobile app, you will view a scrollable view of all the streaming channels- now it will just take one click to get to Netflix, Hulu, or any channel that you have installed. We are pretty aware that heading to the channel that you wish for is just a part of the streaming the content that you are willing to watch. For ensuring the transition faster and simpler, once you start a streaming channel, the remote control will get appear on the app giving you an error-free experience to search out the show that you are looking for. Now, as you have quickly decided to head from deciding where you are willing to watch to search out what you wish to watch excluding the additional clicks.

“What’s On” Tab

No need to decide what to watch next, just head to click the “What’s On” tab to browse a quick selection of the content to rent, buy or watch for free.

Powering The Roku Device With The Phone Got Better

Roku LinkThe classic On-screen remote within the Roku mobile app has been a perfect way to head to the Roku OS. Now, the updated Roku remote tab now matches with the buttons on the Roku device remote, with the directional pad and buttons moving together, which makes it simpler to press the onscreen buttons with just one hand easily. A channels icon has also been included at the top right side of the remote screen so that you can quickly access the installed streaming channels and experience an easy switch from one channel to another.

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