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You Can’t Miss Out These Roku Features

Being a Roku user, there are many useful features which you can’t miss out on a daily basis. Check out such features to better your streaming.

www Support Roku ComAll Roku users, which is the next show on your streaming list? With the bunch of amazing features and useful functions, Roku has emerged as one of the classic streaming devices in the market. It has also become a fine choice for all the global users around the world.

We always try out to help you in getting the most out of the Roku TV or Roku streaming player by sharing all our favorite features. Check out such features which can make you a Roku streaming master.

  1. Private Listening

Did you ever stop any binge-watching session short just because you are not willing to disturb your dear ones?  Well, the ultimate solution to this issue is to enter the private listening- the feature permits to all your streaming audio as much as loud you are willing to hear privately while leaving all the other things side. You can get the private listening through the Roku mobile app for Android or iOS on the current lineup of all the streaming players and the Roku Premiere+, Roku TVs, The Roku Ultra, and the other devices with an improved “point-anywhere” remote can easily listen via the remote headphone jack.

  1. Live TV Pause For All Roku TV Models

roku com linkDon’t miss any of your favorite when you got the ability to pause a Live TV. With the link of an antenna to the Roku TV, you can easily head to pause and playback the live broadcast TV to ensure that you never miss any action when you get to engage in any work. By using the feature, you can easily pause the over the air TV for up to 90 minutes. Before heading to use the feature, ensure that you have a USB storage device with 16 GB or more storage capacity to be linked to the Roku TV.

  1. Easy Creating Of A Screensaver For The TV By Using Pictures From The Mobile Device

In the bunch of screensavers in the Roku Channel Store and the device settings, are you aware that you can easily create a screensaver for the TV by using the pictures from the mobile device? It’s possible! All you are need to do is to utilize this feature, just head to unlock the Roku mobile app for Android or iOS, click the Settings- Mobile Screensaver. Just head to choose 25 images, set the style and the fine speed (around 15, 20, or 30 seconds), then tap Set Screensaver.

  1. Using The Mobile App Keyboard To Save The Time

Roku Com LinkIf you have reached this point, then you must have got an idea that downloading the Roku mobile app is the necessary thing to do! Well, it has got the bunch of cool features and a handy keyboard. Using the keyboard in the mobile app will save the time when you require to enter the email address or any movie title.

5) Streaming Player As Your Traveling Player

Where are you heading for the upcoming winter? With the access to the Hotel & Dorm Connect feature, it’s very simple to travel with the Roku on the road. Just head to link the device to a public network as you get in a hotel often needs one-time signing-in via a web browser. With the use of the feature, you can easily link your device and enjoy your favorite shows.

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